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Techno - Erasmus Mundus Action

List of proposed subjects :


  1. PhD subject : Organic Light Emitting Diode fabrication enhancement by using surface functionalization by dielectric barrier discharge plasma Contact: Pr. Georges Zissis

  2. PhD subject : Optimal perturbation of trailing vortices through inhomogeneous fluidic actuator Contact : Pr. Laurent Joly

  3. PhD - PostDoc subject : Methods for gust dominated aerodynamics Contact : Valerie Ferrand

  4. PhD subject : High-performance computing and analysis of the mixing induced by inertial instabilities Contact : Stephane Jamme

  5. PhD subject : Numerical Simulation of Rotating and Curved Turbulent Flows in Centrifugal Compressor Stages Contact : Guillaume Dufour

  6. PhD subject : Environmental factors influencing pesticide toxicity to freshwater fish Contact : Dr. Helena Guasch 

  7. PhD subject : Understanding the ecological success and impact of invasive freshwater fishes Contact : Pr Emili García-Berthou

  8. PhD subject : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Contact : Alessandro Desideri

  9. PhD subject : Evolutionary Biology and Ecology  Contact : Giuliana ALLEGRUCI

  10. PhD subject : Assessment of human impacts on riverine ecosystems based on aquatic indicators Contact : Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Schmutz

  11. PhD subject : Control of uncertain/hybrid systems subject to constraints, using robust, adaptive and optimal control techniques. Contact : Dr. Sergio Galeani

  12. PhD subject : Use of neural networks for change detection in satellite multi-temporal images Contact :Dr. Fabio Del Frate

  13. PhD subject : Unsteady analysis of variable geometry effects on the energy recovery of radial turbines at low Reynolds number Contact :Dr Nicolas BINDER

  14. PhD subject : Phase change materials for efficient energy storage Contacts: Dr. Sandra Spagnol & Prof. Sylvie Lorente

  15. Post-doc subject : Experimental study of the thermal conductivity of monolithic and granular silica aerogels: influence of the humidity Contact: Dr Sandra Spagnol
  16. PhD subject : Identifying and Evaluating Ageing Signatures in Light Emitting Diode Lighting Systems: incidence on the system reliability and lifespan  Contact: Pr. Georges Zissis

  17. PhD & Post-doc subject : Ultrasonic imaging of temperature distribution and evolution. Prospects for possible extension to composition or phase transition imaging. Contact: Dr. Xavier Jacob

  18. PhD subject : Curing monitoring of composites materials: ultrasonic and multi-instrumentation. Contact : Dr. Xavier Jacob

  19. PhD & Post-doc subject : Artificial liver. Bridging the gap: advances in artificial liver support. Contact : Professor dr. eng. Paul Serban Agachi

  20. PhD & Post-doc subject : Modelling the information processing; Their implications for human mind and mental health. Contact : Professor, Ph.D. Daniel David

  21. PhD & Post-doc subject : Thermally integrated Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) model predictive control and process simulator. Contact : Assoc.Prof. dr. eng. Mircea Cristea

  22. PhD & Post-doc subject : Waste water treatment plants modelling and control for a cleaner environment. Contact :  Assoc.Prof. dr. eng. Mircea Cristea

  23. PhD & Post-doc subject : Distributed model predictive control and Expert systems in water management for preventing the effects of flood and drought. Contact : Professor dr. eng. Paul Serban Agachi

  24. PhD & Post-doc subject: OptiMEP : Embedded transient simulation components for the control of energy devices aiming optimization of comfort conditions in buildings and primary energy saving Contacts: Jean-Michel Baleynaud & Etienne BERTAUD du CHAZAUD

  25. PhD subject: High-Fidelity numerical simulations of the left-ventricle/ascending-aorta blood flow Contact: Prof. Roberto Verzicco

  26. PhD Subject: Quantifying the effects of intertidal habitats on reduction of coastal flooding and erosion hazards Contact: Dr Luciana S. Esteves 

  27. PhD Subject: Investigation into the effectiveness of the legislation with respect to novel psychoactive substances Contact: Dr Sulaf Assi

  28. PhD Subject: The combination of multiple analytical techniques and spectral algorithms for assessing the scale of harm induced by counterfeit medicines Contact: Dr Sulaf Assi