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Techno - Erasmus Mundus Action

Before applying online:


  • Make sure to read the eligiblity criteria in order to define the Target Group and mobility type you want to apply for;
  • Check the language and the admission requirements of the requested host universities;
  • Consider contacting the department where you would like to study: this way you will obtain more information on their study opportunities and formalities;
  • Know that for exchange students the online application form is valid for application at both home and host institution;
  • Remember that the online application forms of all Target Group 1 students will be screened and validated by the International Relations Office (IRO) or the contactperson of their university.
  • Bear in mind that all full degree seeking students, i.e. those who intend to obtain a diploma at the host university of their choice, will have to apply both online to the Techno consortium for a scholarship, and then - if they are selected - also follow the standard individual application procedure at their host university.


Previsionnal recruitment plan :




Applying online :


- registration


In order to fill the application, you first need to be registered in the TECHNO database.


Click on sign_up up on the right of the page and provide informations requested.


Make sure to remember name and password for further access to application online.


- application online


Click on sign_in up on the right of the page, give name and password and safety code and proceed with the application.


Please great attention to answer ALL fields. You will also need to upload documents.


Please use seperate pdf files for each additional document. Additinal document to your application form will be compiled automatically when needed.


Additional documents should be communicated in english or translated with proof of authenticity.


At any connection you can save your work and preview and save a copy. You can connect as many times as necessary but consider that the crowd of last open days may result in overflows and don't wait last moment for applying.


When your document is achieved, you can submit application to evaluation. CAUTION : No modification can be done after submitting application.


In case of problem or doubt, consider FAQ and ask eventually to